Privacy Policy

Welcome to Armoiar.com. As a valued customers of Armoiar.com companies , we consider your trust as our most valuable asset. We take our customer’s personal information seriously in our possession to protect. To have a firm faith on us you need to understand what type of information we collect from you and how we use that information and the opinion you have regarding the use of your information. In this policy, personal information means the information, which is used to identify or contact like you name, address, telephone number or email address, etc.

Kinds of Information We Collect
During the time of our communication by Armoiar.com.com, we usually collect your personal information by which we can locate, contact or identify you. Some instances of personal information which we collect different ways are given below.
  • Registration for wish list, shopping account or product Review on our websites
  • When you make purchase, place order via online, phone, fax or email or e-receipt
  • Requesting catalog or other information
  • Subscribing Armoiar.com.com email newsletter or other form of communication
  • Enrolling for Rewards account via online
  • Applying for debit or credit card via us with our partner bank
  • Your financial account numbers when you transact with us
  • Getting in touch with our Wi-Fi, mobile application, websites or mobile sites
  • Purchase history, push notification request
  • Location information from browser
  • Participating in our program like surveys, contests or loyalty programs etc.
  • When you apply for job with your social insurance number or social security numbers
  • By communication with you through our sales teams.
  • Contacting with questions, comment or complaint

Even from third party(demographic firms), we may collect your personal information. Collecting all these information, we may combine it and might disclose it within our corporate family. We automatically store you information when you visit our website.This information may include browser information, IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), location, date/time stamp,operating system, and click stream data.

How do We Use Your Information
We use the personal information to provide you with the best possible products, services and experience, notify you product’s satety issues, for future career opportunities, reply and comment to your questions, to determine your satisfaction with our service and program, for the invitation of our special event, service or marketing.

Your personal information will be used for our everyday business purpose like security, improvements, operations, fraud detection, payment process, legal compliance , reporting or making back-ups.

How We Share Your Information
We might share your personal data to serve you best within our corporate family along with service provider. It helps to promote our service administer our programs and fulfill request, product reviews and offer you membership information. Service providers are restricted to use your information in any ways other than helping us to provide you product and service from Armoiar.com.

In some cases, we might disclose your personal information when we will think that it is needed to locate you, advice you, contact you about real products, legal information to protect your right, protect you from theft and fraud. Even in your request, we might disclose your personal information and we consider that it is permitted by law.

Personal Book 
To serve you best and to build a better relationship we maintain a personal book,which allow us to serve you better in various ways like your favorite brands, when your products will arrive, notification about sales, store events, promotion which interest you, etc. This book helps us to serve you with professional manner. This book is the property of Armoiar.com and it may be used to Armoiar.com purpose only.

Our Salesperson Texting App “NEXT”
Most of our customers want an excellent shopping experience that is intuitive, relevant and personalized. we are glad to provide you opt in message service through our NEXT app which helps you to contact directly through our sales team. Through NEXT app, you will receive text messages regarding fashion, reminder of upcoming sale and recommendations along with event and service.

Video Recording
  For security reasons we operate video cameras in our stores, loss prevention, fraud and reporting purpose. For certain operational purpose, we use such device at our store.

Mobile Privacy
By Armoiar.com mobile application, you can shop online. Even you can get many features like learning store events, checking product availability, and receiving other information about Armoiar.com. Personal data collected by this mobile app is secured by this Privacy and Policy. If you allow our third-party to collect your data automatically, they might collect it.

You need not provide your location in the Armoiar.com app. Just enter your zip code manually, we will save your zip code for future reference. We may collect your data when you are near at our store, though you don’t use your app. we collect your location data to provide you better shopping experience. you may turn off this service just simply disabling in your setting.

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Similar Technologies 
We use web beacons, cookie and tags to locate your device and conduct fraud prevention service, record your IP, identify the name of the website from which you have visited the link and distinguish you from other visitors. This data is used to fulfilling contact with our business partners and help ourselves to promote service, product and webdesign. we may share your data with service provider on our behalf. cookies are small data files those are stored on the hard drive of the computer. Some cookies expire immediately when you finding visinting website. Tags and web neacons are small srtings which record activity on our website. We may use both sessions and cookie while visiting our website. this information is used to monitor the usage of our website and use your email. We can only use email if you are registered with Armoiar.com with email. Web beacon helps us to monitor information like time and date, cookie number, duration and number of page description of the page and item purchased.

You might try to order and without finishing order you may save it and log out. We may maintain your data from your order form. From the browser option, you can disable your cookies at any time, but in this case we cannot help you regarding purchases from our website. Furthermore, we will not be able to identify you as our registered member.

We may use flash cookies to personalize your online experience and store your settings. Flash cookies help our users to set volume with video, perform surveys and play games. By this flash cookies we can understand which area of our customer like. We don’t use flash cookies for marketing purpose. If you disable flash cookies, we will not be able to provide some features to help you enjoy better online experience.

Third-Party Advertising Partners
  Third-Party works on behalf of us to provide advertisement on the internet.This advertising may collect data about your visit to our website and your engagement with our website. Such data never include your address, name, email address or any other personal information. Furthermore, our service provider might use your data about your interaction with our product and service from Armoiar.com.

Third-Party Platform Advertising 
We may also offer interest-based ads on Google, Facebook and Twitter using your personal information. We never share personal information like shopping history, etc.

Social Media Interactions
Armoiar.com tries to motivate you to share your fashion experience through social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. We use Facebook social Plugins to allow Facebook to share your data with your friends while they are on our website. Social Plugins inspire you to show you and your friends to like our products pages when you are logged into Facebook. You can remove your like or comment any time. You can sign in to your Armoiar.com account using Facebook. If you log in this way, we may collect your data to provide you better shopping experience.

Links to Other Websites and Services 
You might get some link of other website maintained by third- party in Armoiar.com. you should access linked sites on your own risk. We never control linked site and we are not responsible of the content of the link site. We suggest you to check their Privacy Policy to know how they use your information.

Your Information, Your Choice
To update your choice, please contact with the following address.
  • Email at care@Armoiar.com
  • Send your request to Armoiar.com Privacy, Address at: #120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA
Your preference Stated below:  I prefer not to receive email advertisements related to products and  promotions or upcoming events, direct mail advertisements, marketing phone calls. We may select Private setting to protect your privacy in your wish list.

Your Access
  You can freely update your information given to us during opening your account. If you are registered in online, you can update your information through online. To verify your account, we may request you certain personal information.

California Privacy Rights 
Californian resident may ask us how we share personal information with third-party. Armoiar.com never give any private data to the third-party. If you have any questions regarding privacy policy, you can ask at care@Armoiar.com

Children's Privacy
  Knowingly Armoiar.com never collect personal data from the minors under 13. If we find that minors under 13 has submitted information without the consent of their parents, we will remove all his or her data.

By this website, we maintain, electronic, physical, procedural to protect the security of the personal information given to us. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your information. SSL encoded credit card number, name and address will only be decoded by Armoiar.com . Note that email is not decoded.

To ensure secure connection, have a look at the bottom on your status bar of your browser window. If you find closed lock the data is secure and SSL is active. You will find some additional alert from the most browsers. If you find any problem regarding this please email us at care@Armoiar.com

We encourage customers to review their accounts carefully and if there is anything wrong regarding bank or credit card, report immediately. We request our all customers to protect their personal data in online including the following:
  • Install latest antivirus software on your computer
  • Reset your email account password
  • Use complex password with numeric and alpha
  • Don’t use same password more than one website
  • Don’t share your password
  • Use mobile number for password protect
  • After your session sign out properly from the particular site

Fraud Alerts:
You may meet some websites who will offer you Armoiar.com gift card. At this moment Armoiar.com does not offer any gift card nor are we associated with this promotion. If you find such fraudulent promotion, just email us at fraudprotect@brandcrus.com . We take such issue seriously.

Data Storage and Processing
Armoiar.com along with its third-party service provider, may store or process your personal data outside of Canada or the USA. For this reason, your data may be accessible by foreign law.

International consumer Privacy
  It is the top priority for Armoiar.com to protect the customers data. Sometimes, Armoiar.com works with outside vendors. In that case, we carefully handle all kinds of information. Armoiar.com partner Borderfree.Inc helps customers to ship globally. Borderfree agrees with us that they will not sell any personal data of our customers.

When you will complete your order, Borderfree will notify Armoiar.com for the approval of your order and Armoiar.com will send the order to Borderfree. Actually, Borderfree purchase product from us and they can use their own title to the products, fix taxes and duties, bill your credit card. By this way Borderfree sells products to you. After ordering your products, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Borderfree. When you will be agreed that Borderfree may share your data with Armoiar.com. That data will be secured by the Armoiar.com Privacy Policy. U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union has certified Armoiar.com with Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. If you want to know anything about Safe Harbor just visit Safe Harbor website.

Customer can contact directly regarding personal data update, marketing preference, request receiving information regarding international privacy policy program along with your complaints. Please contact us with the following address: Send an email to care@Armoiar.com .Write us at Armoiar.com International Privacy, #120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA

Business Transitions 
To develop our business we might undergo a business transaction like acquiring another company, selling proportion of our assets and merging with another company. In such situations, customers data is transferred to the third-party. You agree that such transfer may occur according to our privacy policy.

Policy Changes 
According to law, we reserve the right to change this privacy policy. If there is any material changes to the privacy policy, we will notify you about the change of our policy.

Additional Information 
If you feel uncomfortable with shopping online, just email us at care@Armoiar.com. Our customers service will be glad to assist you Any questions regarding Privacy Policy please contact us at: 

Armoiar.com Privacy
  #120, Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA